Wood Bank Construction


Click HERE to see The Wooden Bank Plans

Layout the dimensions for the coin slot

Cut out the coin slot at the Jig Saw

When gluing the project together it is easier to also nail it.  A 3/4 of an inch piece of pine is used for this step.  The holes drilled are where the nails go.  This step isn't necessary, but I have found that there are fewer bent nails if the project is pre drilled.

Drill the nail holes on the Drill Press.

When nailing the masonite is sandwiched between two pieces of 3/4 of an in pine.  This part of the project will be hollowed out

and and then sandwiched between 2 more pieces of wood to construct the bank.

After the project has been nailed it is placed in the vice to allow for the glue to set.

This hole is on the bottom of the Wooden Bank to get the coins after they have been placed in the bank.

These holes were drilled to make a cut on the Jigsaw.

The reason for this is to accommodate the plug that will go into the 1 inch hole on the


After drilling the 2 holes then you then cut it out on the Jigsaw.

This is how the project looked after complete previous step on the Jigsaw

These holes were drilled to accommodate the

Portable Jigsaw to hollow out the inside of the box.

The students inserted the blade into the holes to cut out the inside.

This area will be where the coins are stored in the bank.

Layout where the nails go on the outside of the Wooden Bank.

You first nail one side on.

You then nail on the other side.

Start all the nails first before you nail them onto your project.

You will then sand all of the sides even.

Once the sides are all even you will round over all of the sides, sand with 220 and 600 grit, and then stain the project and do the evaluation.

Click HERE to see how to layout all of the holes for the Wooden Bank

Click HERE to see the evaluation.

The video above shows how to construct the

Wood Bank. To watch the videos individually click “HERE”. Below is an overview on how the Wood Bank is constructed.