Where to Find Norm


Below is Norm official website:

Sadly The New Yankee workshop is no longer in production.  Click HERE for further details.  Currently Norm is on this Old House. You can watch episodes of This Old House on your local PBS station or click HERE to watch them online. Enjoy the wood working genius as he does what he does best, build things out of wood!

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"This Old House"

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Books that Norm has written

The following site is provided by the Woodbutcher, as well as the link above that listed every project Norm has ever done. He has made a website to provide you with more information about Norm and woodworking than anyone I have found on the internet.

Below is his main site.

By clicking on the picture below the Woodbutcher will provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about Norm

The New Wookiee Workshop is a site put together by a fan of both "The New Yankee Workshop" and "Star Wars"

If know of any other Norm websites let me know.

This is a link to the day I got to meet NORM