The Day I Met Norm, or

The Greatest Day of My Life


The place was packed it took me an hour and a half to final meet him.  Me being too excited I let the video camera battery die and I had the digital camera on zoom so when I gave it to my friend to take pictures they couldn't back up far enough to get us both in the picture.  I think I was just a little too excited to meet Norm. Enough of my explanation here are the pictures. 

The display poster


The guy before me (notice he's sitting next to Norm and talking to him)

Norm took a break right before I was to meet him. When he came back they took away the chair and told us that he was no longer be talking in depth to each person, he would just sign a picture. So I didn't get to chat very long with him.  

Norm signing my picture Me with Norm

Norm and almost me

My autograph from Norm

Before my battery died on my video camera I was able to capture this on video tape.

I can finally Say that I have met my idol.

Below is a tribute I made for my best friend, Norm.


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