Short Board Skate Deck Construction


The short boards came shipped to me in a blank and the students decided how wide

and how long they wanted their board.

The students then cut the width of the board at the band saw

The students then cut the ends of the short board with the portable jigsaw leaving the pattern line.

The students then use the Disc Sander to sand down to the pattern line

The students then used a modified file called a Sure Form and a Wood Rasp to round over all the edges.

The students then used a power sander to smooth out all the scratches made that where made by the Sure Form and the Wood Rasp

Using a template the students located the correct position of the truck holes.

The students then drilled the holes for the trucks on the Drill Press.

The students then applied the grip tape to the board

The students then used a screwdriver to to rub the edges very hard, and at an angle, until the grain of the grip tape is worn off and the grip tape is white along the edges.

The students then used a box cutter to cut along the mark that was left by the screwdriver

The students then used the left over grip tape and a file to get rid of any imperfections made by the box cover.

Click HERE to see the Short Board Plans Plans

The video above shows how to construct a

Short Skate Deck.  To watch the videos individually click “HERE” . Below is an overview on how the Short Skate Deck is Constructed.