Router Sign Construction


The first thing the students do is design what they want on their sign on a piece of


Using a piece of graphite transfer paper the students transfer their design onto a piece of wood.

This is what it looks like after they have transfered the pattern onto the wood.

The students then use a Portable router to cut out their design

After they have finished using the router they use a powersander to sand off any pencil lines left by the graphite paper and remove all the saw dust from the grooves

Using a variety of colors they paint the inside of the groves.  They wipe off as much paint as they can from the surface.

Once the paint has dried one day the students sand off all of the paint on the surface leaving just the paint inside the cuts

The students then have the option to paint on the surface.

The students then can go to the router table to route a design around the edges and put on some spray on varnish.

Click HERE Router Sign Plans

The video above shows how to construct the

Router Sign. To watch the videos individually click “HERE”. Below is an overview on how the Router Sign is constructed.