Nut Cracker Construction


Click HERE to see The Nut Cracker Plans

When constructing the Nut Cracker the BANDSAW is the first power machine that we use

At the Band Saw you will cut 3 pieces against the grain.  When completed with this step you will have 3 squares.

When gluing up the project the

three 2 1/2” blocks together

the grain needs to be running in the same direction.

Then put the

Nutcracker in the vice until the

glue is dry.

The next day you will sand all the sides even and smooth.

The layout for the side consists of finding the center.  This is

accomplished by drawing a line from corner to corner.

For the layout of the top you don't want to drill directly in the center.  Your plans will show you exactly where you need to drill this hole.

The first hole you drill is on the top.  The drill bit used to drill this hole is 7/8 and one inch deep.

The hole on the side is 1 1/2 big and 1 3/4 deep.

After the holes are drilled you

sand off all the pencil marks.

Using a square and a ruler you lay these lines which are 1/8away from each edge on all six sides.

Using a file you file down the sides to the pencil marks.  When you are finished filing you will sand off remaining pencil marks.

The tap is used to thread the 7/8” hole

You put your Nut Cracker in the vice and insert the tap into the hole and turn the Tap to the right until the hole is


When you are finished the hole is threaded.

After sanding you project with 220 and 600 grit you then stain your project.

Cut the handle, using a 1” dowel, on the Bandsaw

3 1/4” using the miter gauge.  This will become the handle for your Nut Cracker.

A jig is needed on the Drill Press to complete the next step.

Put the handle in the jig to drill a 3/8 in the top of their handle.

Using a rubber mallet you will then hit the 3/8 dowel into the hole drilled at the Bandsaw.

The students then cut 3 pieces

against the grain.  When completed

with this step the will have 3 two

and half inch squares.

The die is used to thread the outside of the handle.

After a light sanding with 220 grit you will then stain the handle.

This is what the Nut Cracker will look like when finished.

The video above shows how to construct the

Nut Cracker.  To watch the videos individually click “HERE” . Below is an overview on how the Nut Cracker is Constructed.