Cutting Board Construction


These are the patterns you can choose from when you design your Cutting Board.

Trace the pattern onto the piece of Pine

Draw these line onto your pattern with a ruler.

Draw lines all around an inch apart all the way around your pattern.

The wood elves will trim off excess wood and cut out a notch in you.

You will use the Bandsaw for the next step

At the Bandsaw you will cut on the 1 inch lines on one of the sides.

Clamp your project to the table and starting at the notch you will start cutting out the shape of your Cutting Board with a Coping Saw.

Once you are done cutting one direction you will then cut the other direction.

You are done with the Coping Saw when one side of your project is cut out.

You will then use the rasp to get rid of the cut made by the Bandsaw.

You will the go back to the Bandsaw and cut on the remaining 1 inch lines and then cut out the rest of the pattern with the Coping saw.

When your project looks like this you will go onto the next step

Using Sand Paper and a variety of file you will smooth out all of the edges.

Using a file and files you will round over the top edges of your project.

This is what the edges looks like when you’re done rounding over the edges.

You will then sand you project with 220 and 600 Grit and then stain your project.

The video above shows how to construct the

Cutting Board. To watch the videos individually click “HERE”. Below is an overview on how the Cutting Board is constructed.

Click HERE to see the Cutting Board Plans