Overview of Drafting Unit

Description of Drafting Assignments

At the beginning of each quarter the 8th grade will learn the basic techniques involved in drafting. You will draw Three View Drawings Isometric drawings and you will be designing a house and a castle.  The following are the different assignments with links to the instructions that are given to the students to complete the drafting assignments.  At the conclusion of the drafting assignments, the students will bring all drafting assignments home and return one drawing signed by the parent and returned to school for 20 points.


For two of the quarters you will draw Ten Three View Drawings and in the following semester you will draw Ten Isometric Drawings.  The students will receive instruction from a booklet on the measurements of all the drawings and a blank piece of paper.  Using a t-square, ruler, and a triangle, they will draw the border, the title block and complete the drawing.  Each drawing is worth 20 points.  The criteria for grading are line quality, correct lettering, and correct placement and size of drawing.  The students are given the measurements from 3 different views of the objects and from that information the students will be able to draw the isometric shape.

The following link is for what you will be drawing.

Three-View and Isometric Drawings




The second quarter of the semester the students will do 2 drawings.  Using the skills they learned from the first drafting assignments, they will design a house and a castle.  I will give them a booklet on the basic shape of each building and from that they will design and color what ever they want to go with the buildings.  These drawing are worth 100 points each with 25 possible points given as extra credit.   Once the House has been completed the students will design a Castle.

The following are the plans that I give the students to draw their House.

House Plans

The following link are some of the Houses that have been designed over the past couple of years.

House Designs

The following are the plans that I give the students to draw their Castles.

Castle Plans

The following link show you some of the Castles that were designed this year.

Castle Designs