Overview of Drafting Unit

Description of Drafting Assignments

At the beginning of the first quarter the students will learn the basic techniques involved in drafting.  The following are the different assignments with links to the instructions that are given to the students to complete the drafting assignments.  At the conclusion of the drafting assignments, the students will bring all drafting assignments home and return one drawing signed by the parent and returned to school for 20 points.  At the beginning of the second semester I will be introducing them to how to use a T-Square, 30/60 degree triangle, and a drafting ruler to draw the front, side, and top views of an isometric shape.


The students will draw a total of 6 sketches, four of which will include dimensions.  The students are each given a worksheet with the drawings and the dimensions.  By using a piece of graph paper, they will recreate the drawing without the use of a straight edge.  The assignment is worth 20 points.  The criteria for grading includes straight lines, proper line weight, correct size, and correct lettering.

The following link is the handout given to do the assignment.

Drafting Sketches

Drawing Basic Drafting Shapes

The Second quarter of the semester the students will draw shapes using a t-square, ruler, and a triangle, they will draw the border, the title block and complete the drawing.  The students will receive instruction from a booklet on the measurements of all the drawings and a blank piece of paper. The criteria for grading are line quality, correct lettering, and correct placement and size of drawing.  The students are given the measurements for some shapes and will draw them on a white piec of paper that is taped to a drafting board.

The following link to see the drawings that you will be drafting.

Drafting Shapes